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5 best tips to maintain your car clean

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      <p dir=”auto” data-sourcepos=”1:1-1:492″>Who doesn’t like a stylish shining clean car? But then to maintain a car as a brand new one is really tough. Between family, friends and kids you find the neatness of your car is lost within fraction of seconds. There might be situations where in any of your friends or colleagues surprisingly ask for a drive and you find your car so messy and you really wish if it was clean. Let’s look at some of the ways to maintain your car clean so as to avoid the last minute hurry burry clean up.</p>

        <li data-sourcepos=”2:1-3:631″>Trash Bags This is the first and foremost step to be followed. Keep a trash bag inside your car and make use of it. You must make it a habit to keep a trash bag inside the car, wherever you go. It’s the usual habit of children to carry snacks with them and they are sure to put the bits of it, which later leads to bad odor inside the car. To avoid this, if you have a trash bag and insist children to put the left over inside the bag, then the risk of cleaning and bad odor is low. You may also follow the same. And whenever possible it is always good to eat snacks and other edibles outside the car so that the odor doesn’t stay inside.
        <li data-sourcepos=”4:1-5:546″>Clean the Mess Quick Another way to keep your car fresh is by cleaning up the mess then and there. It’s a human nature to procrastinate things. If you find any edibles and trash inside the car, clean it on the spot. Keeping it for days can worsen the neatness of your car. Also do not leave wet clothes and carpets inside the car. Usually during the rainy season carpets are sure to get wet. Better dry it as soon as possible and then replace back it in car. Keeping the damp carpets inside the car leads to unbearable foul smell and the interior hygiene is lost.
        <li data-sourcepos=”6:1-7:627″>Wash Your Car Regularly The daily routine and humdrum of life could make you lazy. But then always make it a point to wash your car at least once a week. Set up a regular schedule for taking your car to a car wash or wash it on your own. Washing is an essential factor that could keep your car bright and shine for a longer period. Before you get into the car, make it also a point to wipe the glasses and mirrors. If you could wash your car with soap solution every day, then your car will stay well and good for a longer time. If you stay regimented, then your car will shine bright every day and you need not get fret about cleanliness of the same.
        <li data-sourcepos=”8:1-9:736″>Cover Your Car Your car needs to be garaged, especially in summer. The hot sun could diminish the paint of the car and it’s always good to put your car in an enclosed space. If no garage, then go for car covers. These covers can protect your car from changing natural hazards like dust and weather. Sometimes birds and trees can also inflict serious damage to your car. So it is always recommended to use car cover to protect your Cawago car wash from any outside destruction. Today almost in every vehicle shop you get the exact fit car covers even based on the brand of your car. The only thing you need to do is, just buy it and put it. If you do not have a specific place or garage for your car, be sure to buy a car cover.
        <li data-sourcepos=”10:1-12:1″>Wax It A regular application of wax is always good for your car and it keeps your car look neat and shinier. Waxing will help to protect car from airborne contaminants and other corrosive material that can etch it. A coating of wax will protect your car from these contaminants. Also waxing makes it easier to wash the car. The wax prevents sap, bugs and other sorts of things sticking on to the paint of your car. The dirty elements can just be swiped with a car wash. Without car waxing, these stains directly are in contact with the paint and soon the whole area needs to be repainted again. So just one layer of waxing is a better way to keep your car clean and gleam.These are some of the simple tips that can help your car look neat and clean. Follow the above steps and own a lustrous and shining car that anybody will look for.
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